H.P. Baldwin High School Art Alumni came together to paint a mural, respectfully replacing the mural done 16 years ago. Follow our journey as we leave our mark in school history.

2000 to 2016

In the summer of 2000, a mural was painted on the walls of the Multi-purpose building at H.P. Baldwin High School. Beloved school community member, the late Wallace Kuloloio, served as a knowledgeable cultural and spiritual leader for the project enabling students to create, “Na Wai A’o Ana O Baldwin
(The Teaching Waters of Baldwin).”

Water is a life source. It flows and travels freely, picking things up along the way, leavings its mark where it has been.

In this mural, the water symbolizes the passing of knowledge between generations of students and teachers. Wakea is the Sky Father, the source of knowledge and water. Papa Hanau Moku is the Mother Earth, the source of land… filter of knowledge. Hands reach out for knowledge, hands pass knowledge on. The cycle continues.

Now, 16 years later, the cycle continues. Thanks to the support of Principal Catherine Kilborn, teacher Janet Sato, and many other hands in this BHS community, we are able to give this wall a facelift. With two students who worked on the original project, a new team was created to bring this mural to life. The message remains the same–education allows the passing of knowledge–but this time we are passing on the knowledge of native species.