DAY 01: We’ve only just begun.

Today was the first day of painting. We learned fast that the morning is major key to give us shade. Noble, Sato (Jan), and Sato (Russell)  were here at 6AM setting up our scaffold and cracking open cans of paint.Noble

While Noble and Kirk worked on water and waves, Alex and Jalyza went green with the mountain scene. Amanda Joy was doing her thing giving life to the woman’s face. By 11AM the sun comes over the MPB and it gets hot, real fast.

In between documenting and being talkative distraction, I found myself sitting under the shade of the scaffolds. The mural, although at the very early stages, is already being well received by the BHS community. Principal Kilborn came to check us out, as well as custodians and teachers. We are proud to be back at our Alma Mater and honored to do this piece which is the center of our school.


To close the day we had another late night sketch sesh between some rain and clouds but we did it! More to come tomorrow, and the next day and the next day.