DAY 03: Bringing a sketch to life.


Progress is being made! After only three days of painting, we are moving quickly filling up the “Buttercup Beige” with color and burning our ideas to life.


Our main focal points are starting to show come through the “Buttercup Beige.” They are Earth Mother, a Waterman and our home, the island of Maui. There were five different minds collaborating to finalize the concept. We were able to finalize all our ideas and created one of the first sketches.

IIWI_1Since then other voices were added and we pinpointed plants and animals we would feature in this project. A few weeks ago a few of us had the privilege of attending the Waikamoi Preserve Birdloop guided Bird Loop hike. Thanks to Allison, we had a chance to see native plants and birds first hand, gathering references for this mural.


We also got a visit from Koa Hewahewa and Kahaku this evening. They will be helping us translate the meaning of this mural into the breadth of Hawaiian language. They came to see our work in progress and in a short time, shared their understanding of our message.

I am amazed at what we were able to accomplish over the weekend. The talent that each artist is bringing to the mural is unique.  This mural is bringing us together and the energy we feel is strong. We’ll be working day (and maybe night) to get this done!