DAY 04: Making a VIDEO.

Creativity is contagious. I am constantly inspired seeing other people work and I know the people working on this mural feel the same way too. When we started this project, we just wanted to make a mural. Somewhere between mural meetings the thought sparked to document the work with photos. Then I thought, why only photos and why not a website? There’s so much thought going into this process that not sharing it would leave a lot missing when people look at this piece.

So photo taking commenced and the documenters that we all are, we gathered A LOT of them! There’s a lot of talent, conversation, and challenges we are working through collaborating on this mural. Then I thought, why not a blog? Why not explain what these photos are and how we are feeling after our painting days. Then yesterday I thought, “what about a video?!” Technology is a lot different from when we were in high school. Our phones make us photographers, videographers and storytellers of our everyday life. So why not tell this story? DOING IT.

This video is just a work in progress of our first four days but I’ll guarantee there is a lot more to come. I only started thinking about video at the end of Day 3 and then forgot my camera for Day 4, so this is what we have for now. Enjoy!