DAY 05: We made the news!


This morning we woke up to a quick shout out in The Maui News. A photo taken by our very own Janet Sato was featured today right after the front page of the paper.  Today the day started at 5AM for Noble, 7AM for Sato, and Alex, Amanda, and Sabrina joined in around 8AM. Once again, we tried our best to work as quickly as possible before the sun came over the MPB. If only we could get demigod Maui to come and slow it down so we would have more hours of morning sun, that would be perfect.


From afar it’s easy to miss the details in this painting. The highlights, the shadows, the little specks of white light that show up in details like this ohia blossom. We are happy with how this is turning out and we are excited the community thinks so too.

DSC_2820 DSC_2821