DAY 08: We are missing some fish!

IMG_9220_2Today might have been one of the hottest days we worked through so far. Now that we stay and work after lunch until the evening, we have to do our best to shade ourselves from the sun. We have beach umbrellas, sombreros, and a tarp tent! Even with all of that, it doesn’t seem to be enough. Either way, we don’t stop working, but just give ourselves AC breaks in the multipurpose building.

Thanks to Kirk we have kumu coming out from the behind the ohia. They look pretty amazing, don’t you think? They are even better than what we imagined, especially since we originally planned to put a few maninis there in our original sketch. We even got our fearless leader’s husband, Mr. Sato, working on a little aweoweo in the corner.


This mural is special for many reasons, but I think one of the most important is the collaboration. We never expected to have this come out in the way it is. We have strayed away from some original plans, but only to make them better. Alumni are popping in and providing their creativity and ideas. In the end the collaborative effort strengthens the overall design. We still have some pockets of missing pieces, but this is all turning out more than well. It’s excellent.