DAY 09: We are ALMOST done!

DSC_3173Today we battled the sun AND the rain. That was new. After a very humid morning, the drizzles slowly turned into heavier drops of rain. We did take a midday break for a couple hours because it was a little too wet outside, but did get to enjoy lunch and the rain passed. DSC_3158

From a distance, it is hard to capture the detail going into the painting. Each artist has their own style and everything is coming together quite well. we are filling spaces and going back to create detail where it is needed. Alex added another native plant to fill an empty space in the center of the painting and Kirk is filled in the missing aweoweo in the top right panel.DSC_3136

DSC_3155Our earth mother is coming out beautifully, thanks to Amanda working high up on her fern haku. Today was a long day of work but we are outsmARTing the elements and there is nothing that will stop this team!