DAY 10: And we’re PAU!

DSC_32492Today was our last day working on the mural. The past two days were extra challenging with our blessings of rain and sunshine throughout the day, but we did it! Thanks to our art mother, Janet Sato for bringing this group of BHS Art Alumni together for seven weeks of planning and just over one week of painting. The group pictured above (Top L to R: Alexandra, Joey, Jennifer, Amanda; Bottom: Kirk, Sato, Oriana, Noble, and Elmer) was the core concept team for the piece. There were three people who were part of the original team 16 years ago. Noble and Elmer were students at the time and Kirk was a returning alumni. We were together from the start and were here today for the finish.

DSC_3222 (1)

There were only a few things that needed touch ups today. Noble came to work on his opihi’s and Kirk made a slight adjustment to this Iiwi’s eye. Oriana worked on the mamane fern and Amanda added final highlights and shadows to the woman’s face and hair.

DSC_3192 We worked from morning to evening but thanks to airbrush expert Elmer, we also had time to fuss around and get custom tattoos! DSC_3206

In the middle of the week, we saw Iwa birds circling in the sky and blessings of rain. Then when it was all said and done as our group finished taking our final photos, we noticed something special in the sky. Above the clouds came rays of light and at this moment we knew we received a gift. There was a lot of thought, energy and emotion poured into this mural and we hope the BHS community enjoys it for years to come.Day10

Our work on the mural might be done but we still have things to update here on the website! Look forward to more details on all the native species we highlighted in this piece and our meaning behind the mural. If you’ve made it this far in our posts, thank you for following our journey!