Seeds of Knowledge
The seeds of wisdom begin with the knowledge nurtured by the elements that sustain life – the voice of our ancestors, the warmth of the land, the trades of the wind, the rhythm of the water, and the melody of birds feed the magnificence of our dreams.

This infinite circle of acquired wisdom continues, giving life back to its source.

E kupu mai ka hua i nā kumumea o kēia ‘āina aloha, e ho’ōla mau!
May the seed sprout forth by the surrounding elements of this beloved land to always sustain life.

(Top left to right: Alexandra Underwood; Joey Rose; Jennifer Matsumoto; Amanda Joy Bowers. Bottom Left to right: Kirk Kurokawa; Janet Sato; Oriana Buika; Noble Richardson; Elmer Bio, Jr.)

Native Plants
ʻOpelu, endemic to East Maui (Lobelia grayana)
ʻŌhiʻa lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha)
Mamane (Sophora chrysophylla)
Nohoanu, endemic to Haleakala (Geranium multiflorum)

Native Birds
‘Apapane (Himatione sanguinea)
‘I‘iwi (Drepanis coccinea)

Native Fish
Kūmū (White saddle goatfish)
‘Aweoweo (Hawaiian Big eye)
Moi (Threadfin)

The view from Waihe’e Ridge
The view from this ridge looks out to Haleakalā and our island Maui. In Maui history this valley also holds significance for being a neutral ground, a breadbasket for everyone.

Waikamoi Preserve Birdloop Hike
Before we started the mural, some of us were able to attend the East Maui Watershed Partnership Artist Hike.  The 1.25 mile journey took us down into a gulch where we saw native birds, trees and ferns. The hike was led by Allison Borell in a fenced forest up in Haleakalā.

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