Finding our way back to the Art Room, a team of Baldwin Alumni met weekly to discuss the making of the multipurpose building mural. As word spread, other Art Alumni got involved to help prep and paint the wall.

Concept Team
Noble Richardson ’02
Amanda Joy Bowers ’08
Jennifer Matsumoto ’07
Elmer Bio, Jr. ’00
Alexandra Underwood ’13
Oriana Buika ’16

Kirk Kurokawa ’93
Joey Rose*
Jalyza Pascua ’14
Lanakila Makua ’96
Sabrina Nassar ’16
Janet Sato ’74

Wade Hondo ’91
Chad Adolpho ’03
Karina Bhattacharya ’16
Layce Yamauchi ’17
Kaelyn Leval ’18
Matthew Agcolicol ’09

* Everyone involved with the design and painting of this mural was a Baldwin Art Alumni with the exception of Joey Rose. Joey is a student at CCA and is visiting Maui for the summer. After all the work he put into this mural, Joey earned his spot as an honorary Baldwin Bear.